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7/17/2015 10:34:00 AM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Beta School project teaches students and teachers to use modern technologies in classes

Hi! We are back with another School Story! This time we are bringing you the latest and hottest news from Israel! One of our Corinth Pilot Educators, Karina Batat, who teaches at Gordon Primary School in Petah Tikva, started an amazing project called Beta School. The 4th of July, an Opening Ceremony launched oficially this program and we are glad to share information and photos with you. And it´s not just that, Karina also sent us a lesson plan you can check and try in your class! Just keep on reading her story and find it below.

Wondering what is this program about? Beta School is a project that sets space for innovation in education targeted mostly on student and educators but also on stakeholders. Its goals are various: Beta Schools should serve as a "meeting point" for educators and new technologies. It should serve as a space to facilitate innovation in education in which teachers can experience the application of new technologies in a variety of pedagogical activities so they could adapt to using technology in their day-to-day teaching.

"We are really at the beginning and we are already having really amazing experiences," describes Karina. See with your own eyes that she's not making it up in a video she shared. In the second part there's a glimpse of her students using Corinth Classroom, so look closely to make sure you won´t miss it :).

"Corinth was installed in all our devices and I used the respiratory system with my 3rd grade students and the lesson was great!" explains Karina. This lesson was kind of special. As you might be expecting, It wasn’t Karina who taught. This time, it was her students, who took the role of a professors and presented what they had learnt.

Since the opening, Beta Classroom already held classes and workshops on various topics, such as how to enhance the teaching and learning process by means of technology or application 21 CLD Rubrics.

The opening was a big thing since there were really important people at the ceremony: the CEO of Microsoft Israel, Shelly Landsman, Itzik Braverman, the Major of the city of Petah Tikva, and also Haya Shitai who is the Head of the Tel Aviv District at the Ministry of Education. It was a rocket start for the Beta School and the future looks really promising, so fingers crossed, Karina !

Lesson plan: Knowing our body: The Respiratory System 

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