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3/20/2015 4:34:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Amazing Grace and Corinth at the SXSW Edu Conference: Promoting Innovations in Education

Our friends from Corinth pilot school Amazing Grace Christian School in Seattle, United States, were presenting their innovative learning projects at the SXSW edu conference and festival in Austin, Texas. With as much as 80 percent submission rejection rate, it is really hard to get picked and therefore truly a great achievement! And what’s more, they were the only school selected.

We already informed you about our parthership with Amazing Grace and their innovative projects they realized using our apps and tools. Teacher Michelle Zimmerman – Corinth Pilot Educator and one of our best cooperators – and her class had their own booth at the conference where they presented their learning projects based on modern technologies and software like computer games, Microsoft programs and Corinth apps. They were also there to show the blended learning model as it interacts with humanity.

In one instance they used the computer game Portal 2 to explain Plato‘s famous but difficult philosopical theory of the cave. By using the visual material from the game, they explained the whole concept of seeking and finding philosophical truth clearly and vividly.

But they also used our apps and tools to show how interactivity, 3D objects, immersive microscopic zooms or augmented reality can engage students and teach them 21st century skills. „The reaction of people from all ages and all parts of the globe were that they were excited about the possibilities of using Corinth in the classroom and within their own ideas of the future of education,“ said one of the teachers, Abbey Zenk. 

For many people it was a first time they saw and tried out an edu tool like Corinth Classroom. „The most talked about part of Corinth was how easy it was to use. There was even people with visions of how this could be used with doctors and patients to help patients better understand what was going on,“ added Abbey.

Michelle said she likes the fact that her students have freedom to structure learning in a way that it is still covering essential content, but at the same time it is more adjusted to the needs of 21st century kids. According to her, it is important to think what learning outcomes emerge from different approaches towards teaching. In other words, what skills will students get and why is it important. 

Amazing Grace Christian School has an out-of-the box attitude towards teaching with a curriculum highly focused on technology and 21st century learning skills. We are proud to have such a great partner! 

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