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3/18/2015 4:53:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth Classroom is Being Used in the Fun Science Lab, Portugal

We’re happy to see that Corinth Classroom is loved not only at schools, but also technological classrooms of natural parks, zoos and ed-tech science labs! Recently we were quite successful at one of them in Ponte de Lima, Portugal. A new ed-tech lab called Fun Science Lab has opened there and Corinth Classroom was present!

The lab serves the Lagoas natural park and twelve teachers from twelve schools in the municipality will be involved in its operation. These teachers will be trained by our Corinth pilot teachers from the Freixo School Cluster (which is one of Corinth pilot schools) – school principal Luis Fernandes and pilot teachers Vilma and Lidia. They will show the other teachers how to handle and work with Corinth Classroom and how to use it for creating engaging and attractive lesson plans for science classes.

One of these lesson plans served as an opening of the lab – students from the Freixo School Cluster demonstrated an asian bee research with the help of a microscope and Corinth Classroom. They used the microscope to study a real bee hive and then combined it with Corinth Classroom's 3D model of the bee. „Evereyone was amazed about the students’s work. And they were all amazed by 3D images of the bee,“ commented Luis Fernandes on the event. There were also other experiments and events, all covered by local media.

We will continue to work with the Fun Science Lab – they will join the ranks of our pilot institutions and they will use Corinth Classroom in their innovative education and research. They are even planning to buy tablets so they can use our edu tool. Way to go!

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