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7/28/2015 3:08:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth model brought to life by a primary school in Slovakia

Hey there, how’s the summer going? We hope you’re enjoying July and getting motivation and energy for a new school year. In today’s post we’re bringing you inspiration from Trstena, a picturesque town in Slovakia. Soňa Furdeková, one of our Pilot Teachers at Rudolf Dilong Primary School, used Corinth Classroom to explain the process of water circulation. Are you curious about how the lesson turned out? Check it out in this amazing video she shared with us!

While writing this blog post I was wondering what the best lesson I have ever experienced was. Can you remember yours? We are pretty sure that for kids from Rudolf Dilong Primary School in Trstena it was just this geology class held couple of weeks ago.

Why was that? Thanks to Corinth Classroom content the kids could get an authentic and real-life vision of how the water circulation works. It was a simple but bright idea that turned into an awesome project and caught the attention of the whole class.


At first, the students tried to discover all the facts by themselves and then the teacher assigned them a very special task: they had to make their own real-life model using polystyrene, clay and plenty of other creative tools.

“We got down to work. At first we dug a hole in a big piece of polystyrene,” explained passionately one of the pupils. But enough of words for now, play the video and see what came next! :)

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