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4/24/2016 3:11:04 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth in the spotlight (Events in April, 2016)

Showing off a little bit is never bad, especially when you have a visual learning tool to share. In April, we got a chance to spread our 3D models on three different events here in the Czech Republic.

Game Access 2016

The biggest event we took part in was Game Access 2016 that happened in Brno. We represented nongaming Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content there and got the attention of everyone willing to get a selfie with his favorite animal.

Game Access 2016 was the first international game developers summit organized by GameDev Area, an initiative that helps the advancement of game industry in the Czech Republic. The program of the summit was full of relevant speeches from experienced game industry representatives and offered great networking opportunities to everyone interested in the field.

3D Education from the Czech Republic conquers Silicon Valley, Prague

At the beginning of the month, @Matouš got a chance to present what Corinth does at his alma mater, The Univeristy of Economics in Prague. He explained the origins of Corinth and our new content hub LifeLiQe, shared his experience from San Francisco and talked about a related project SVHouseTV that offers know-how to everyone who would like to get into the startup world.

Week of Pedagogy, Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University

Last but not the least was Martin's and Vojta's presentation at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno where they showed how Corinth 3D models can be used in the classroom. They did a great job but int the end, they had to step back a bit: no one can compete baby elephants when it comes to the attention.