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6/19/2016 2:24:51 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth introduces first VR Hackathon in Central Europe

Virtual Reality has no limits, just the imagination of its creators. Do you agree? Join us for the first VR Hackathon in Europe!

Corinth decided to explore the imagination of developers in the region and offers them an unusual chance to make their fantasies real. The first three days of July, we hold this regionally unique event in Brno, Czech republic, together with the development center of Honeywell, world’s leading technology and software company.
Corinth VR Hackathon is a competition of developer teams. Its goal is to design and realize innovative content for VR on world’s most advanced VR system HTC Vive. No experience with VR is needed, just an outstanding idea and will to work hard.

“Innovation is one of our key values and that’s why we wanted to offer a chance to developers to take part in it. VR content has a bright future ahead and it’ll definitely be exciting to see what ideas will be born in the minds of the competitors,” explains our founder and CEO Ondrej Homola.

Honeywell supports this search for young innovators. „In our company, we never seize to search for new ways to support and bring new IT intelligence to Brno. When Corinth came to us with the intention to hold the Hackathon we didn’t hesitate for a minute. We’re very happy to support an event like this,“ said Jiri Tomicek, vice president and CEO of Honeywell company.

After the "hacking" competition, there will be a panel of experts from the fields of IT, business, and academia who will share their views and experiences on Sunday.
Moreover, two weeks after there will be another panel discussion in Prague. On 13th of July in Prague Startup Centre, you can meet experts like Michal Zálešák, Marek Polčák or Jaroslav Trojan.  
Corinth VR Hackathon is supported by two major players in the industry: HTC Vive and UploadVR, leading Virtual and Augmented Reality source of information and incubator.