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3/31/2015 5:17:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth Learning Journeys: Freixo School Cluster, Portugal

Hi! We are back with another Learning Journey! In the previous two Learning Journeys we were covering north with two great teacher Janne Männikkö and Jerker Porat, this time we are moving south to Portugal to visit our good friends at the Freixo School Cluster, one of the first schools that started cooperating with us.

Freixo School Cluster: Anticipating the Future
Freixo School Cluster is a progressive school that emphasizes modern approach towards education. Their teachers give training to others in the Fun Science Lab (Read more about their innovative use of Corinth Classroom!) and Freixo school leader Luis Fernandes founded the great Innteach project that offers reviews of edu apps and tools and brings inspires teachers around the world to work with ICT in education.

"A school that wants be significant to students must provide them with the best and updated pedagogical and technological tools available. Looking for those tools is the role of teachers and also school leaders in partnership with key players from industry," explained the school leader Luis Fernandes why they started cooperating with Corinth. "Freixo School cluster has a moto 'We Anticipate the Future' and that’s why we are always looking for innovation to motivate and improve learning," added he. According to his words the three key 21st century skills are "Collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving". And that's what Corinth Classroom is all about.

Creative Approach Towards the Anatomy With Corinth Classroom
So how does Freixo School Cluster use  Corinth Classroom content within Portuguese curricula? Let's take a look at their truly innovative approach to learning about Human Heart with the class of Pilot Educator, biology teacher Lídia Mendes! In the biology lesson about human heart dissection they used a real pig heart in combination with Corinth Classroom. Students had to use tools like scalpels and microscope to dig into the heart and then they compared what they found with Corinth Classroom 3D model of the heart.

"It is fascinating how easily can students learn about the stucture of the heart from the inside thanks to Corinth Classroom. It is so clear to them that during the pig's heart class they already knew the structure and where to look for particular parts," said Lidia about our edu tool.

"It was very good. We saw many parts of the heart structure in 3D," says one of the students, Gabriel Azevedo. "It was a great and productive class."

"It was very useful to see the heart from many different angles. It was much better for us to understand the heart structure," added added another 9th-grader Diana Araújo.

Lídia Mendes accompanied the class with a Powerpoint presentation where she used Corinth Classroom 3D objects to accompany the text with easy-to-understand and hard-to-forget images. Corinth Classroom is integrated into MS Office and thus creating such presentations is easy and very intuitive. Moreover, teacher can anytime click on the models' pictures and open them in Corinth Classroom.

"It is much easier for them to compare a 3D image with real heart. With book images it is harder," explains Lídia.

So, what do you think? Pretty cool way to learn about anatomy, isn't it? You can see for yourself and download both the lesson plan in english or portuguese and the aforementioned presentation. We love seeing creativity and enthusiasm in the education. We love bright and original teachers and engaged students. We are glad we can help transform the education system and make it more appropriate for the 21st century. See you with the next Learning Journey!

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