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5/15/2015 11:33:00 AM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Students in US and Finland used Corinth and Yammer. Watch a video from this exciting international learning project!

In one of the previous articles we announced that something big was about to happen. If you would like to get infected with our excitement about this video, do not stop reading!


Two of the most inspiring educators out there met thanks to Corinth and Microsoft to run this international learning project. Todd LaVogue, Corinth Pilot Educator at Roosevelt Middle School in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA and Janne Männikkö, another Corinth educator at Metsokankaan school in Oulu, Finland virtually created a cross-cultural environment in Yammer to get their students together. This way, they could make groups and collaborate in this breath-taking international learning project using Corinth´s interactive models, because like Oli, one of Janne´s students, claimed "Corinth Classroom is very unique and it has really much potential". It is a pleasure to watch such a big excitement and devotion among students and also both of the great educators!

"They took me by surprise. It was a great success, because now I see my students in the end with different eyes. They developed during the project, they all did themselves." said Janne about his students and I´m pretty sure that Todd has the same feeling about his pupils, when he affirmed that "it was a wonderful project."

If you want to see what an exciting 21st century learning experience could look like, watch this video, find inspiration in the lesson plan or in the Sway presentation, that got shaped from this fruitful cooperation, it will be worth more than thousands words.


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