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7/13/2015 9:45:00 AM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Todd LaVogue, our Pilot Educator, shared his experience from ISTE 2015

Some time earlier we told you how excited we are about a cooperation between schools in the USA and Finland. One on the heroes behind this story is Todd LaVogue, our Corinth Pilot Educator at Roosevelt Middle School in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Todd has been using our Corinth Classroom for quite some time and he has been one of the pioneers of our 3D content in education. Just a few days ago, Todd attended ISTE conference in Philadelphia and since he’s an influential teacher and a voice of the community we asked him to share his impressions from this event. We are very grateful he agreed, so keep on reading and get inspired!

I survived my first ISTE! Hooray!

I was able to attend ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) annual conference June 28-July 1 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This is one of the world’s largest education conferences and I heard stories of tremendous crowds that made moving around next to impossible. While it was crowded, I did not feel overwhelmed or burdened.

It was not my intention to attend to learn a bunch of new things but to take more of an in depth look at what I already use to see if I can use my existing tools more efficiently and in new ways. I learned more about how to use Microsoft products in my classroom, especially Skype and Minecraft. I learned more about Edmodo, Kahoot, Emaze and Flocabulary. These are some of my classroom tested tools and I feel I will be able to expand on their usage this fall. I also learned lots about expanding my makerspace area. I will be adding a breakerspace where students can disassemble outdated computers, printers, etc., to find out how these products are assembled.

Attending an ISTE is expensive so I was thankful to be one of 68 teachers in America to be invited to the Microsoft United States Education Forum in advance of ISTE because they covered my airfare and lodging. I also agreed to present for BrainPOP during the conference and they paid for my registration and some meals. Without their generosity, attending this conference would have been cost prohibitive.

I was able to get the word out about S.L.I.C.E. (School of Leadership, Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship). The pilot program will launch summer of 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. More information is available at It is part school, part think tank, part startup incubator. It is definitely future EDU material.

My only setback was slicing my lip shaving about one hour before I was scheduled to present a three minute recap of my collaborative project involving Corinth, my classroom and a classroom in Finland. I was unable to present at that time. While I was bummed, I spent five days sharing the link to our video recap during my other presentation sessions. The feedback from the collaboration project and video was fantastic.

Here is the link.

I hope to attend ISTE next year in Denver, Colorado. Until then…

Todd LaVogue


Thanks again Todd! Hope to hear from you again soon! ISTE meant not only a fantastic couple of days for teachers, but for Corinth as well. Here you can learn more about our exciting new partnership with zSpace, that was presented at the same place. 

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