Verified by teachers

Corinth Classroom is designed for the educators and institutions on the front line. Beta surveys indicated that 9 out of 10 teachers who tested our product would love to use Corinth Classroom at their school.

Student Centric

Corinth Classroom fascinates students, catches their attention and motivates them to learn more. Visually immersive objects uncover unseen depths of various topics and engage students by stimulating their curiosity.

Easy Adoption

We know that you have no time to waste and that adopting new tools can often be demanding. Corinth Classroom is hassle-free with an extremely simple interface. Even advanced functions can be learn in minutes!




  • Why you should be excited about all this?
    • ​It's FREE of cost
      • ​We won't be charging you for license keys, nor for the administration or counseling. We do everything for free.
    • ​You can pilot with as few as one device with MS Windows 8 or 8.1
      • Pilot can be conducted with one device only. There are no limits for screen size, it' s your choice. Unfortunately, the other platforms are not supported in Pilot Program.
    • ​You can pilot as an individual educator
      • We run pilots with individual educators who will be also in charge of coordinating the program. It means you will be responsible for administration and communication with us.
    • ​6-month duration
      • You will have lot of time to evaluate Corinth Classroom. We can also adjust the program duration closer to your needs.
    • 24 models covering STEM subjects with permanent license
      • Explore the models from Human Biology, Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Geology, and Technology. Once given to your institution, they come with permanent license for use in education.
    • Great for PCs, laptops, tablets, whiteboards, and touchscreens.
      • Corinth Classroom awakens the potential in all kinds of devices available around you. You can interact with models and user interface by touching (available for devices with touchscreens) or by using mouse.
  • What are the technologies I can try in my classroom?
    • Interactive 3D learning objects and animated environments
      • We made latest videogame technologies available to every classroom. Zoom in, highlight parts or turn around for best angle. All in real-time!
    • Simple MS Office integration
      • ​Contents of Corinth Classroom are integrated with Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint via optional add-ins. You can connect your materials directly with specific models that will run once you click on the hyperlink images you embeded.
    • Augmented Reality
      • Devices fitted with camera can visualise 3D models in the area in front of the camera itself thanks to this feature. Needless to say it creates lot of fun in the classroom!
    • 3D Print of Corinth Classroom content
      • If you have a 3D printer at hand some models can be printed out into the real world. Enhance learning by attract ing more senses!
    • Microscopic Deep Zoom images
      • Seamless deep zoom images will allow you to see items in exciting details.
  • What are you getting thanks to Corinth Classroom Pilot?
    • ​Installation and use of Corinth Classroom Lite (extended) on a number of devices you want
      • There are no limits on how many devices Corinth Classroom Lite can be installed.
    • Access more free content after submitting required Pilot materials
      • ​After successfuly finishing pilot and submitting forms about your experience you will receive more free content from different subjects.
    • ​Enter to inspirational Corinth Classroom Showcase competition
      • ​We evaluate all the submitted materials from each school that took part in Pilot Program. Best of them will receive subscriptions for hundreds of models!
    • ​Recognition of your institution with the Corinth Pilot School title and all the involved teachers with the Corinth Pilot Educator title
      • ​After finishing pilots we will be handing out virtual badges to all participants!
    • ​Featuring on the Corinth' blog, social media networks and in PR materials
      • Helping you to prepare a press release is one of many endless possibilities how we can spread the word about you.
    • Membership in the online Corinth Community
      • ​Connect with educators from all around the world! Share your experience, exchange ideas and create projects together in Corinth Community. Membership is optional.

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